2006 MIFFL-Keeper League Additional Rules and Information
Updated August 11, 2006

A. Roster: (players chosen from the NFL)

  • 1 Quarterback
  • 2 Running Backs
  • 3 Wide Receivers (this includes tight ends)
  • 1 Kicker
  • 1 Team Defense/Special Teams
  • 8 reserve players
  • 1 player may be placed on injured reserve. He must be listed as OUT, and he is ineligible for the remainder of the current fantasy season (including playoffs/consolation).

Note: A team may not carry more than 3 QB's, 2 K's or 2 Team Defenses at any given time. This will allow for expansion if desired and allow teams to have choices in making acquisitions.

B. Bye Weeks: If a player has a bye week, he will score 0 points that week for his fantasy team.  No bye week points will be accumulated.

C. Transaction Deadline:

The deadline to request free agents, trade confirmation (both teams) or to drop players is Wednesday each week by 8:00 PM CDT. I will post the updated rosters to the web site by 9:00AM CDT on Thursday.

D. Keeper League Information:

Because this is a keeper league, other rules are necessary.

1) A team's roster is frozen once the playoffs are over until the end of the NFL College Draft.

2) Trading Period- A trading period which begins April 1st is allowed for teams wishing to deal players and/or draft picks for the upcoming draft only. A team may never have fewer than 7 draft picks (out of 9 rounds) for any draft (this means you cannot trade away 3 draft picks without receiving at least 1 draft pick in return). As with any trades, questionable trades can be vetoed by the commissioner or put up to a vote of franchise owners. Only players currently on MIFFL rosters can be traded, players just drafted or not on rosters cannot be added.

3) Two weeks prior to the draft date, each franchise must turn in the 7 players they would like to retain for the upcoming year. These updated rosters will be posted within two days of the deadline, and any trades between owners (current year's draft picks, next year's draft picks or players) may be made following the posting of that list.

4) Failure to provide the keeper list by Sunday 11:59 PM CDT will result in:
* Received One day late - loss of 7th round pick (will get a supplemental pick at the end of the draft)
* Received Two days late - loss of 5th round pick
* Received Three days late - loss of 3rd round pick
* Received Four days late - loss of 1st round pick
* Received Five days late or not at all - open your team up to a new owner.

5) If a owner decides to "fold" his team, that team will stay active that season and the starters will be determined by a vote of existing owners. After that year, applications for expansion teams will be taken, and a replacement owner will be given the choice of taking the current roster and selecting his 7 players, or starting with an expansion franchise.

6) Any expansion owners without any players will select as follows: I will ask for a list of 2 QB's, 2 RB's, 2 WR's and 2 players from any position (Kickers and Team defense included) by June 15th. This will be each team's protected list. The expansion owner(s) will then pick their 7 players from all unprotected players and free agents, with no more than 1 player being taken from an existing team per expansion franchise, and no more than 2 free agents taken per expansion franchise.

6) For drafts after the 1998 season, the draft will reverse orders after every round. The draft will be 9 rounds.  The order will be determined as follows:

a) all consolation teams draft, worst record first (consolation playoff standings will not apply toward draft position)
b) any expansion teams draft next
c) all playoff teams-first round losers, 4th place, 3rd place, 2nd place, 1st place (tie breakers follow same as section 4c)

C. Draft Rules and Information:

1) The draft will be held Sunday August 27th at 5PM CDT.

2) The draft will be for as many rounds as possible with no round starting later than 10 PM CDT.

3) Each team will be allotted 3 minutes per draft pick. Failure to pick in a timely manner will result in the next owner behind you to pick (then going back to your pick).

4) If you cannot make this live draft it is YOUR responsibility to send me a list of players you would like to select, preferably a Top 30 of all available players and then a top 20 of all available players at each position. Failure to do so will result in a PASS for the first two rounds (as penalty for not being prepared) and for the league owners to pick for you the rest of the draft.

5) We will be using AOL Instant Messenger for the live draft this year. You must use AOL Instant Messenger version 3.0 or higher.   You can download it at AOL's website (and get more info on how to use it). We do have a wireless network for those owners who show up at the draft site (preferred!). Bring your laptop!

6) (This section is only applicable if the draft is not finished live) Each team will submit a list of players to the commissioner NO LATER THAN 4:00PM CDT each weekday. The commissioner then should have each round's draft posted by 7:00 PM CDT. If a player does not submit a list for that round, I will see if any players from previous lists are available and choose the highest ranked available player. If no player is available from previous lists the franchise will pass, and they may choose a player at the end of the draft (supplemental draft).

D. 2006 Significant MIFFL-Keeper League dates:

  • January 15th, 2006 - All rosters frozen
  • April 1st  - Trading period (section 6B) begins at 12:01 AM CDT
  • July 1st - Protected Lists (section 6E) only if there is an expansion draft due by 4:00 PM CDT
  • August 13th - Keeper lists (section 6C) due by 11:59 PM CDT
  • August 1st - Official Beginning of MIFFL-Keeper League Season.   All fees must be collected by this date and no refunds will be allowed after this date.
  • August 27th -  MIFFL Draft using AOL Instant Messenger 3.0 or higher :  5:00 PM CDT (approx 3 hours)

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